Worktop in Kerrock

What is Kerrock?

Kerrock Solid Surface is an advanced composite product used as an architectural and design material in a variety of residential and commercial applications, it is a solid, non-porous, homogenous surface material composed of about 1/3 acrylic resin (polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA) and about 2/3 natural minerals, the minerals are composed of aluminium trihydrate which is derived from bauxite (aluminium ore).

Kerrock can be fabricated using conventional woodworking tools, can be joined near seamlessly, is easy to clean, hard-wearing and easy to repair.

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Kerrock Sinks

Kerrock Sinks

Beauty, functionality, durability, stain resistance, hygiene and easy care are just some of the reasons why sinks made with Kerrock are the perfect addition to your kitchen design. Offered in an inspiring variety of colours and styles, Kerrock Solid Surface is non-porous to resist the growth of mould or mildew.

What can we do for you?

Kerrock can be thermo-formed around corners* , it can be engraved and inlayed, the joints are inconspicuous**, the surface finish ranges from matt to gloss, the worktop can be made to varying thicknesses, it all depends on what you want.

If you think that Kerrock is the right material for your project or if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us using the link below or give us a call, you can also see us in person and visit the worktop centre showroom.

* Be advised that certain colours are unsuitable to thermo-form and there is a minimum workable radius, please contact us for details.

** Joint visibility is dependent on your colour choice and shape of worksurfaces, please contact us for details.

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