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Bespoke solid surface creations

Your design choices must reflect who you are as a brand, whilst also being practical. Solid Surfacing Company produces and installs a wide range of elegant yet hardwearing products for clients across the hospitality and leisure industries. The bespoke solid surface creations that we make combine aesthetics with function, to bring you an ideal, made-to-measure solution.

Our solid surface worktops and products are widely popular with leisure and hospitality clients, as each solid surface material we stock is strong and thermoformable. Business owners can express their creativity in a way that’s coherent with their brand identity, utilising any colour and texture imaginable. The solid surface materials that we work with are durable, waterproof, stain-resistant and antibacterial, making them a great long-term investment.

From cinemas, bars and restaurants to hotels, holiday parks and holiday lets, we can create made-to-measure products to your exact design brief. We recently completed kitchen and bathroom renovations for the West Midlands Safari Park’s brand-new elephant and cheetah lodges. Take a look! Our work speaks for itself.

The benefits of investing in bespoke hospitality and leisure furniture

The furniture that you choose has a huge impact on your customers’ experience and the way that they perceive your business. Image is everything, which is why many hotel and leisure facility managers opt for bespoke furniture pieces.

One of the main advantages of having bespoke furniture items is that it allows a company to showcase its brand identity. When your furniture and décor reflect your brand, it creates a cohesive experience for your customers. Our custom solid surface solutions are durable, waterproof and easy to maintain. In addition, they are thermoformable, which allows us to create unique shapes, stunning curves and rounded edges for a sophisticated finish.

Made-to-measure furniture allows you to make the most of the space you have available. We create precision templates for all our bespoke, conceptual furniture items, allowing us to make them to your exact size specifications – even if they need to be fitted into an awkward space.

All our vanity tops are built by our craftsmen on site onto wooden carcases, frames or brackets for maximum durability and strength, whilst our solid surface worktops can be manufactured in a range of bespoke thicknesses, according to your own preferences and requirements, using moisture resistant MDF, making them suitable for every environment.

Our solid surface furniture is particularly durable and well suited to high-traffic environments. As such, this affordable, customisable option is the perfect way to convey luxury without compromising on practicality.

Our hospitality and leisure solutions:

Washrooms and bathrooms

Solid Surfacing Company creates beautiful bathrooms and washrooms for an array of businesses, such as hotels, cinemas and other leisure facilities. As one of the most hardwearing materials on the market, the compact-grade laminate materials that we use to make our partitions and cubicles are incredibly durable, guaranteeing that you are making a solid investment.

The solid surface materials we use to make our worktops, sinks, vanity units, wash troughs and urinals are ideal for busy leisure settings because of their waterproof, antimicrobial and hygienic properties. Solid Surfacing Company specialises in transforming commercial washrooms, boasting years of experience working with a range of clients across the hospitality and leisure sectors to create washrooms for businesses like Cineworld in Rushden Lakes.

Toilet cubicles

We install high-quality toilet cubicles for commercial clients in the hospitality and leisure industries. We use the finest compact-grade laminate materials to produce our cubicles, guaranteeing that they can withstand frequent use. We make all of our toilet cubicles to measure to ensure that they fit your available space perfectly. Furthermore, we also offer solid surface vanity tops, integrated sinks and bespoke vanity units to match your chosen cubicles, for a cohesive, elegant look that’s also hygienic and easy to clean and maintain.

Reception counters

Your reception counter is the first thing your customers see when they walk in. Our solid surface reception desks introduce a unique, striking aesthetic to any room and are also easy to maintain. We make solid surface reception desks in a range of different shapes and colours and can even incorporate your company logo into the design. Have a look through our case studies to see examples of what we can do.

Bar tops

We make our solid surface bar tops to your exact design specifications, using any shapes and colours you wish. We can bring large sections of solid surfacing materials together without any visible joins, creating seamless bar tops that help to elevate your image. Solid Surfacing Company also makes made-to-measure bar tops using our range of solid surface and high-quality, compact-grade laminate materials.

Food counters

When displaying food, there are two main factors to consider: maintaining hygiene standards and making your food look appealing to customers. Our solid surface food counters provide the perfect solution. Given that they are easy to clean, they can help you to keep things safe and healthy. Furthermore, we can take advantage of our materials’ unique thermoformable properties to create absolutely any shape, including curved designs, working to your individual specifications to create something truly bespoke to your brand.


Our solid surface tabletops are durable and look elegant, helping you to create your desired atmosphere with unique, custom-made pieces. With experience transforming eating areas for a great number of hospitality and leisure clients, including Yo! Sushi restaurants and the Harvey Nichols London café, our Corian®, Durat® and Durasein® tabletops and countertops are particularly popular choices that help to convey luxury.

We also stock a huge range of other great brands and materials – including laminate, compact-grade laminate and wood – for maximum choice when it comes to colour, texture and finish.

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