Personalise your home with our bespoke furniture pieces

Make your house feel like home with our bespoke furniture designs.

Solid surface materials are thermoformable, allowing them to be moulded into any shape you can imagine. This enables Solid Surfacing Company to create custom furniture pieces to your exact design specifications. We use CNC machinery to cut all of our templates, allowing us to incorporate your chosen imagery into your made-to-measure items.

Our materials are durable, waterproof and resistant to stains, meaning they will last you a lifetime. With their seamless joins and fluid, elegant curves, solid surface furniture pieces are truly a timeless solution.

To find out more about what we can do, visit our showroom to see examples of our stunning work or speak to the team in person. You will also be able to see us in action, as we work on fabricating wonderful bespoke pieces for some of our most loyal customers.

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Ready to start transforming your home? Contact Solid Surfacing Company to discuss your ideas or visit our showroom for more inspiration.

    The benefits of improving your furniture


    Using solid surface materials to create unique furniture pieces for your home helps your space to evolve in line with your personal tastes, further improving the layout of your home. The materials that we use are more durable than natural alternatives like stone or wood, also allowing greater customisability in terms of texture, colour, shape and design. All of these factors have led to a rise in the popularity of solid surfaces.


    The thermoformable nature of our materials enables us to assist you in creating the desired atmosphere for your home, creating a more modern aesthetic and allowing your home to move with the times and stay on trend. Additionally, all of this adds value to your home, since potential buyers and visitors will appreciate a sleek, contemporary environment.


    If you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to your old kitchen table or other well-loved furniture items, Solid Surfacing Company also offers an upcycling service. We take your existing pieces and add new solid surface tabletops, for example, for a more durable and novel interior. Get in touch to find out more.

    Let us walk you through our process.

    Our process is incredibly straightforward:

    1. Call us or visit our showroom to discuss your ideas and requirements

    2. We'll send you a quote

    3. If you accept, we can come out to you to measure up and template

    4. We send you the resulting CAD design plan

    5. You approve the design

    6. We start making your vision a reality