Solid surfaces in schools

Solid Surfacing Company fabricates and installs a range of solid surface, laminate, compact-grade laminate and hardwood products for schools, nurseries, colleges, and universities. Solid surface materials are especially ideal for educational environments, given their durability and antimicrobial properties.

Solid Surfacing Company can incorporate any design into its products using precision CNC tools to introduce exciting colours and shapes that inspire learning. For a more personalised touch, we can incorporate your school or university branding or logo as well as match any necessary colours in the process.
Solid Surfaces for Education

The Benefits of improved educational facilities

Solid surface is just as hard as natural stone but is much easier to look after. It is waterproof, non-porous and can withstand heat. In an educational setting, whether in a laboratory with open flames or a school bathroom, solid surface offers the optimal solution.

As a man-made material, solid surface is available in a variety of unique colours. Moreover, each sheet is consistent in colour, with uniform patterning running throughout, making it easy to repair and maintain. In an environment where branding and high-impact colours make a difference, you can utilise our range of solid surface materials to match your school, nursery or university’s colours for a more uniform look.

Solid surface materials are also sustainable; containing Aluminium Trihydrate powder (ATH), it is one of the world’s most recyclable materials and can be easily recycled into new products and repurposed. Adding an environmentally conscious solution to your educational facility helps to teach an important lesson to those in education from a first-hand experience.

Our solutions for education:

Reception desks

Solid Surfacing Company makes bespoke solid surface reception desks for all kinds of educational facilities including schools, nurseries, universities and colleges. Solid surface reception desks will help your facility convey a professional image that represents your school’s ethos.

Tables and lockers

We make compact-grade laminate tables and lockers, to suit your specifications. Our functional furniture can be fabricated in any colour and offers a more durable alternative to metal or wood tables and lockers.


From compact-grade laminate toilet cubicles to solid surface sinks and integrated vanity units, Solid Surfacing Company make it all. This is particularly useful in shower or changing areas, to reduce the likelihood of mould or other bacteria forming.

Laboratory counters

If your school, university or learning centre has a laboratory, solid surface countertops provide a unique alternative, being resistant to chemical stains and heat. Our range of materials are non-porous, which helps to keep them clean.

Changing facilities

Our compact-grade laminate panels are perfect for creating private changing cubicles. Hardwearing and long lasting, they can be manufactured in a variety of colours and designs. Whether you are looking for standard-height or full-height doors for total privacy, or need lower-height cubicles for nursery and infant children, we can create practical washroom facilities for your establishment.


Our solid surface and compact-grade worksurfaces are made to measure for a personalised solution designed to your exact requirements. Extremely durable, heat resistant and easy to keep clean, we can create kitchen areas that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also maintain a high level of safety, ideal in an education setting.

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