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Kabina Platinum Specification

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Kabina Platinum Specification

Doors, Divisions & Pilasters Panel Specification:

12mm Compact Solid Grade Laminate & CDF

Black core polished edge finish.

Pilaster and head rail profiles are made from extruded. aluminium.

Standard Dimensions:

Standard: 1950mm overall height (c/w 150mm leg) x 1500mm deep.

Pilaster sizes are limited to 200mm mid pilasters and 100mm end pilasters.

Stainless Steel Ironmongery:

Rise & fall hinges - Ref: T100

Indicator and Keep - Ref: T200 / keep T250/buffer T950

Leg 150mm - Ref: T300

Coat Hook - Ref: T520

Brackets - Ref: T410

Vandal resistant stainless steel fittings to compliment the metallic pilasters and smooth black core compact grade door edges.


Colour matched powder coated hardware to match the pilasters.

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