How to Select the Right Material for Your Worktop

Discover how to choose the most suitable material for your worktop with insights into various options and expert advice from The Solid Surfacing Company.


Choosing suitable material for your worktop is a crucial decision that impacts the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen or bathroom. With numerous options available, it's essential to understand the characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of each material. This guide aims to help you make an informed choice, leveraging the expertise of The Solid Surfacing Company to ensure your worktop selection enhances your space perfectly.

Understanding Different Worktop Materials

Worktops come in various materials, each offering unique features and advantages. Knowing the differences can help you select the material that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Solid Surface Worktops

Solid-surface worktops, which includes Corian worktops aswell as other brands like LG Hi-Macs and Samsung Staron, are composed of natural minerals and acrylic. They offer totally seamless joins, allowing for a 100% anti-bacterial space, and due to the lightweight and moldable nature of the material, solid surface worktops are limitless in design capabilities. This has made solid surface one of the world’s most largely used interior materials, celebrated by architects and designers all over the world. Solid surface can be custom shaped to fit your design preferences, and seamlessly moulded sinks and coved upstands allow for the ultimate hygienic solution for kitchen worktops, as there is nowhere for any dirt to collect. However, solid surface can scratch over time and it is not 100% heat proof, but it can always be repaired and brought back to new, no matter how long the surfaces have been installed.

Corian Worktops

Corian, a brand of solid surface material, shares all of the qualities mentioned above. Corian offers a huge range of decors and boasts seamless joins, moulded sinks, coved upstands, matching window sills, and can also be used as a kitchen splashback as a hygienic and more matt-finish solution to glass. The ability to create integrated sinks and backsplashes makes it market leader for worktops. Its non-porous nature makes it resistant to mould and bacteria, ensuring a hygienic surface. This is why it is always used in hospitals and dental practices. Corian is also repairable and can be easily refinished if ever scratched. While it may not be as heat resistant as granite or quartz, its flexibility in design, lightweight nature and smooth finishes are significant advantages over any other worktop material on the market.

Laminate Worktops

Laminate worktops are a cost-effective option that offers a wide range of designs and finishes. They are easy to install and maintain, making them a practical choice for budget-conscious homeowners. However, laminate is less durable than other materials and can be prone to scratches and heat damage. Despite these drawbacks, modern laminate options have improved significantly in appearance and performance.

Wooden Worktops

Wooden worktops bring warmth and natural beauty to any kitchen. They are available in various types of wood, each with its unique grain and colour. Wood is relatively soft, making it prone to scratches and dents. Still, it can be sanded and refinished to restore its appearance. Regular maintenance, such as oiling, is required to keep wooden worktops in good condition up to three times per year. Their timeless appeal and ability to blend with various styles make them a charming and popular choice.

Granite Worktops

Granite is a natural stone known for its durability and timeless appeal. Its characteristics include being heat-resistant and scratch-resistant, making it an excellent choice for busy kitchens. However, granite is naturally porous and may require sealing to prevent staining. It is also limited to its sheet sizes, causing sometimes awkward joins. The joins can get mucky over time, as they are visible and require sealant, so it’s not always the best choice for long runs of worktop, or those of us that like everything to stay immaculate. Anything acid or oil-based left on granite surface can penetrate over time and can be particularly noticeable on lighter shades of granite. Its premium look and solid performance make it a popular, albeit sometimes a pricey option.

Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops are engineered from natural quartz crystals and resin. They are known for their consistency in colour, pattern and durability. Quartz is easy to maintain but just like granite, has limited thickness options, is very heavy so also has overhang limitations, and the joins are visible and require sealant, making them a possible dirt trap over time. Quartz can be more expensive than other materials. Its versatility in design and reliable performance make it a favourite among homeowners.

Considerations for Choosing the Right Material

When selecting a worktop material, consider factors such as durability, maintenance, aesthetics, budget, and environmental impact. Durability and maintenance are critical, especially in high-traffic areas. Aesthetics and style should align with your overall design vision. Budget consideration ns will influence your choice, with some materials being more cost-effective. Additionally, consider the environmental impact of the materials you choose, opting for sustainable options when possible.

Comparing Worktop Materials

Comparing worktop materials involves looking at price, durability, maintenance requirements, and appearance. Granite and quartz tend to be more expensive but offer high durability. Laminate is budget-friendly but less durable. Solid surface materials like Corian offer a balance between cost and performance. Wooden worktops require more maintenance but provide a unique and inviting look. Each material has pros and cons, so consider what aspects are most important for your needs.

Customisation Options

Customisation options include edge profiles, thickness variations, and surface finishes. Edge profiles can range from simple square edges to intricate designs, adding a personal touch to your worktop. Thickness options can affect the overall look and feel, with thicker worktops offering a more substantial appearance—surface finishes, whether matte or glossy, can enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the worktop.

Care and Maintenance Tips

Proper care and maintenance extend the life of your worktop. Regular cleaning with appropriate products, avoiding harsh chemicals, and using cutting boards and trivets to protect the surface are essential. Preventative measures such as wiping up spills promptly and avoiding direct heat exposure can prevent damage. If your worktop does get damaged, some materials, like solid surfaces, can be repaired to restore their original condition.

Customer Testimonials and Case Studies

Our customers' experiences highlight the quality and satisfaction of choosing The Solid Surfacing Company. Successful projects and positive testimonials reflect our commitment to excellence. From selecting the perfect material to professional installation and aftercare, our clients appreciate our comprehensive service, ensuring their worktops meet and exceed their expectations.

How The Solid Surfacing Company Can Help

The Solid Surfacing Company offers many services, including expert consultation, professional installation, and ongoing support. Our consultation process helps you understand your options and make an informed choice. Our skilled installers ensure that your worktop is fitted to the highest standards. We also provide aftercare to keep your worktop looking its best for years.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Worktop Material

Avoid common mistakes such as ignoring long-term costs, overlooking practical needs, and neglecting professional advice. It is essential to consider the future maintenance and repair costs associated with each material. Practical needs, such as how you use your kitchen, should guide your choice. Consulting with professionals ensures you get the best advice tailored to your situation.

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