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Expert Breakfast Bar Worktops Installation

Why choose Solid Surfacing Company?

Laminate worktop breakfast bars

Laminate worktop breakfast bars are a fantastic choice for any kitchen, offering durability and resistance to stains. Our off-the-shelf laminate breakfast bars come in lengths of 2m, 3m, and 4.1m, with widths of 665mm, 670mm, and 920mm, and thicknesses ranging from 28mm to 40mm. Unlike standard worktops, our breakfast bar worktops feature two long post-formed edges, ensuring a uniform look on both sides without the need for stick-on edging strips that can peel over time.

Our laminate breakfast bars are crafted from trusted household brands like Formica and Bushboard, and are available in a variety of colors and finishes. Many of our options are ready for delivery within 1-2 working days, making them a convenient and economical choice.

For those with unique size requirements, we also offer bespoke laminate worktop breakfast bars. Simply provide us with your dimensions and color preferences, and we’ll provide a quote and lead time.

Wooden Breakfast Bar Worktops

Wooden breakfast bar worktops bring a timeless elegance to any kitchen, available in various types and sizes similar to our laminate options. One of the main advantages of solid wood is its ability to be re-sanded, allowing you to refresh the surface by removing scratches or marks, making it look new again. We offer custom cutting to any length or width, ensuring a perfect fit for your space.

With wooden worktops, you have the flexibility to choose matching edge profiles, whether you prefer square or rounded edges. Additionally, we can round the corners for soft radius edges, providing extra safety in busy workspaces or homes with small children.

It's important to note that solid wood worktops require regular oiling every three months for the first couple of years to protect against liquid damage. While this maintenance can be a consideration, many find that the natural feel and aesthetic of wood far outweigh this aspect.

Compact Laminate Breakfast Bar Worktops

Compact laminate breakfast bar worktops are a durable, stylish choice for any kitchen, offering 100% stain-proof, waterproof, and weatherproof properties. This makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor kitchens. Also known as solid grade laminate, these worktops have a slimline thickness of just 12.5mm, adding a sleek, modern look to your space.

Our compact laminate worktops are available in a variety of colors and finishes, typically featuring a distinctive black core, though some options come with a white or grey core. Thanks to its versatility, we can create complete kitchen units and worktops from compact laminate, allowing for a fully customizable kitchen solution.

Whether you're looking to enhance your indoor kitchen or create an outdoor cooking area, compact laminate breakfast bar worktops offer both practicality and contemporary style.

Solid Surface Breakfast Bar Worktops

Solid surface breakfast bar worktops offer unparalleled design possibilities, making them an excellent choice for any kitchen. Unlike other materials, solid surface worktops create seamless joins, allowing for large and wide runs (over 4 meters) without visible or tactile seams. This feature not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also makes solid surface the most hygienic option available.

In addition to its seamless design, solid surface worktops are anti-bacterial and completely non-porous, eliminating concerns about stains and water ingress. The material can be shaped into any curve, providing a high-end finish and a bespoke look for your kitchen. Known widely as Corian, solid surface worktops are available in a range of decors, from plain to patterned, and are offered by renowned brands such as LG, Samsung, and DuPont.

For a truly hygienic, customizable, and elegant breakfast bar, solid surface worktops are the ideal choice.

How It Works

1. Initial Consultation
The journey begins the moment you reach out to us. During this initial stage, we focus on understanding your requirements and preferences. We offer expert advice to help refine your vision, assess your space, and provide a free, no-obligation quote based on our discussion.
2. Site Survey & Approval
Upon acceptance of our quote, we attend site to survey and measure. At this point, we familiarise ourselves with the client's needs and site considerations to make sure that everything is accounted for to make a neat and successful installation. Our skilled CAD team will produce technical drawings for client approval, detailing all elements required and showcasing how your specifications are translated into a tangible design.
3. Manufacturing Process
Following design approval, we begin manufacturing the toilet cubicles, IPS, vanities and troughs that make up your commercial washroom within our own factory premises. This phase is where our experienced joinery and fabrication team comes into play, bringing your designs to life with precision and care.
4. Installation
our expert team will handle all aspects of templating, manufacturing, and installation, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to completion. Only when you are delighted with the final product will the job be done, ensuring satisfaction everytime.
[ About us ]

Who We Are

Our family business specialises in manufacturing bespoke designs for washrooms, worktops, reception desks and many more applications using solid surface, solid grade laminate and wood. We cover both residential and commercial sectors and cover most of the UK. With Bill and John's extensive industry experience, we stand as the Midlands' premier solid surfacing manufacturer. Our unmatched expertise ensures unparalleled service in every aspect, from production to delivery of diverse work surfaces.

Our Team

Solid Surfacing Company, led by the Reid family, has grown to over twenty employees, all valued as family members. Our team ethos drives excellence in every project, supported by friendly, helpful staff across all departments.

Our Products

Since our inception, we've focused on delivering custom, high-quality counters, cubicles, and washrooms nationwide, ensuring top-notch work and exceptional customer service for both residential and commercial clients.

Our Bespoke Approach

Our bespoke approach means that we don't just offer standard products; instead, we work closely with you to understand your exact requirements and aspirations.

The Benefits of Expert Commercial Washroom Installation

Whether you're upgrading existing or installing brand new washrooms, we can help you to maximise the use of your available space, fitting your chosen design in such a way that it will enhance user experience in terms of both efficiency and design. The benefits of using a team like us who specialise in bespoke manufacture and installation far outweigh a cheap alternative.


We install many cubicles, IPS and vanities in the correct way to the sturdiest of our ability. We will examine the walls and floors to ensure the best fixtures and most appropriate fittings are used to handle every day wear and tear.

Quality & Aesthetics

Our team work tirelessly on and off site to make sure that the products that we make and fit are of the highest standard. We have an enormous range of finishes, colours and products to suit every application and transform your space into an inviting area. What's the point in investing in new washrooms if the quality and finish is poor?


Any public space is unfortunately subject to misuse and vandalism. By using an expert fit-out team like ours, you can be sure that no corners have been cut and only the finest solid grade laminate has been used to make the cubicles and vanities. This minimises the impact vandals can have on your washrooms and we are always working on new systems to further prevent possible damage infliction.

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