Hailing from Finland, Durat is instantly recognisable due to its refreshing and vibrant colour selection. Aimed for a more European market, each décor is worlds apart from any other competitor’s and if it bold and striking is what your project requires, then look no further than Durat. It is the most current brand being specified by all the ground-breaking architects and changing market trends all over. Durat is also made of mostly recycled materials which gives it an eco-friendly edge too.


Vibrant Contemporary Colours

Recyclable and Recyled

Sinks & Bath Tubs available

12mm thick sheets

Samples & Literature available

Solid surfacing which is differant to the rest

DURAT® is a solid polyester based material used for custom made surfaces in public and private interiors.  It contains recycled plastic and is in itself recyclable.

The sophistication of the DURAT® material lies in its silky warm feeling and the interesting impression of depth in its finish.

DURAT® is extremely durable and can be renewed by slight sanding.  The material is very resistant to wear, humidity, and various kinds of chemicals.

DURAT® is a natural choice in places like restaurants, cafes, shops, hospitals, laboratories, boats, bathrooms and kitchens.

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