The Top 5 Benefits of Installing Solid Surface Worktops in Your Kitchen

Solid surface worktops for your kitchen are becoming more and more popular for several reasons. No matter the type of material that they’re made from, kitchen worktops are important to have as they provide you ample space to prepare and cook food and house many kitchen appliances. One of the best materials you can use for your kitchen worktops is solid surfacing. But what is solid surface? Simply put – solid surface is a man-made stone that is designed to mimic the characteristics of natural stone with the benefit of added strength and durability. Fortunately, the added strength of solid surface worktops isn’t the only benefit that this material possesses.

Here at Solid Surfacing Company, we are experts in manufacturing bespoke solid surface worktops, in addition to other high-quality furniture for your home, and in this blog, we will give you the top five benefits of installing solid work surfaces in your kitchen.

1. Durability and strength

Our first top benefit of installing a solid work surface in your kitchen is the high durability and strength the material possesses. How is solid surface made though? Solid surface material is a combination of natural minerals and acrylic, with added resins and pigments to add unique and distinct colours to the material. The mixture is then heated and poured into a mould for the desired shape. This is mass-produced and supplied to us in sheet form, so that we can supply it in bespoke form to our customers.

We can apply heat to the material in the factory to achieve bespoke shapes such as solid surface downstands, for our customers This process is known as ‘thermoforming’ and provides strength and durability to the solid surface material. It is this bespoke quality that you will not find in traditional materials, such as wood and granite.

The mixture of natural minerals and acrylic is an ideal combination for kitchen worktops, it is extremely scratch resistant and durable with the ability to withstand wear and tear that comes with activities that take place within a kitchen. While wood kitchen worktops offer a desirable rustic aesthetic as well as other materials, such as marble or other natural stone, these are much easier to scratch, and damage, compared to solid surface worktops.

2. Aesthetic appeal

As solid surface worktops are man-made, they benefit from the freedom of having a wide range of designs to truly fulfil your kitchen design dreams. Solid surfaces can be formed into both 3D and 2D shapes and fitted to any bespoke size for your kitchen. With added pigments and textures in the mixture, there is a vast array of colours available for you to choose from, ranging from vibrant yellows and oranges to whites, creams and more. As well as the distinct colour pallet you can choose from, solid surface worktops can be seamless offering a visual appeal to your kitchen that other materials, such as wood, quartz and granite simply can’t offer. The inconspicuous joints mean that your kitchen worktops can contain no sharp edges or corners, providing a natural flowing aesthetic. You will be able to stand out from all your friends making them so envious thanks to the amazing visual aesthetic of solid surface worktops in your kitchen.

3. Hygiene and cleanliness

Are you tired of spotting grime and dirt all over your kitchen worktops no matter how much you’ve cleaned them? With solid surface worktops, you won’t have to worry about any stains such as coffee, juice and grease soaking into your worktops, leaving you aching and scrubbing away all day. Solid surface worktops are nonporous – meaning they don’t soak up liquids or any spills. The nonporous characteristics of solid surface don’t just benefit the ease of cleaning up spills but mean that bacteria and germs won’t take root making your kitchen a more hygienic place. Even though solid surface worktops are incredibly strong, sometimes over the years, scratches can take place. Fortunately, unlike other surface materials that would need to be entirely replaced, solid surface worktops are very easy and quick to repair. Any damage that is sustained to solid surface worktops can be fixed by a simple phone call or email to us to request a quote.

4. Versatility and customisation

As well as the variety of colours to choose from when installing a solid surface worktop in your kitchen, the material can be moulded into any desired bespoke shape and size to fit your kitchen’s size. On top of the added distinct textures, the shapes that solid surface can be moulded into are almost endless. From square to several stylish edges, including a waterfall edge, shark nose profile and more, you can customise your worktop to your heart’s content. The versatility of a solid work surface means that you will have a kitchen that optimises space, with a bespoke design that takes advantage of every inch of your kitchen space. Furthermore, not only can you adopt a solid surface worktop for your kitchen, but you can also install solid surface anywhere in your home, including your bathrooms and for your furniture. The choice is endless.

5. Increase the value of your home

Compared to other worktop finishes, solid surface worktops are considerably more cost-effective, leaving you with a higher return on your investment. The luxurious aesthetic of natural stone that a solid work surface leaves you with will be desirable for potential buyers of your property in the future, enabling you to increase the value of the sale price. In addition, solid surface worktops are one of the biggest trends of 2023 and aren’t going anywhere any time soon. You can also boast about all the benefits we’ve just discussed – helping potential buyers to make the right choice in purchasing your property!

Solid surface worktops with Solid Surface Company

There has never been a better time to install a solid surface kitchen worktop for your home and you can do just that with help from our team at Solid Surface Company. We have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing bespoke, high-quality solid surface products for your home and commercial sectors. We will truly bring your dream design to life and help you reap all the amazing benefits of solid surface worktops.

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