7 Big Kitchen Trends to Keep an Eye Out For in 2023

Your kitchen is the most used and important room in your home – it is an area where you prepare and cook delicious meals, converse with friends and family and generally just chill out. Spending time in your kitchen should be an enjoyable experience, one where you are inspired with creativity when cooking up a storm, and a vibrant space for guests to feel comfortable with a coffee or beer in hand.

Trends come and go in all aspects of life and kitchen trends are no different. The styles of 2022 are yesterday’s news and are no longer the current trends of 2023. Fortunately, here at Solid Surfacing Company, we are here to tell you about the most current and sought-after kitchen trends for 2023. It’s out with the old, and in with the new – whether you are installing a completely new kitchen, renovating your existing one or just adding a few new features to spice things up, then we are here to help.

Here are 7 big kitchen trends to keep an eye out for in 2023.


1. Diversifying your kitchen’s aesthetic

Marble, granite, quartzite – forget about them. All too often you will walk into someone’s kitchen and see the room plastered with these materials on every worktop and surface. While these do provide a distinctly sophisticated aesthetic, they are significantly overdone with everyone in the neighbourhood showcasing these materials in their kitchens. Don’t be a sheep and follow everyone else and instead own the new trend of materials that not only look elegant but are durable, hardwearing and easy to clean.  Solid surface is one of the biggest kitchen trends of 2023 and can create a unique visual compared to other materials. Solid surface is an acrylic resin that is man-made to mimic the appearance of materials, such as stone, marble and granite. Solid surface kitchen worktops are not only durable but also benefit from being able to form curves on the edges, eliminating the risk for bacteria to grow, in addition to being available in hundreds of colours and patterns. Thanks to this man-made material being easy to maintain, you’ll look back and laugh about why you didn’t get solid surfacing sooner.


2. Freestanding furniture

Kitchens will often utilise a traditional island-style layout or have fixed appliances that, while providing functionality, limit your personalisation and customisation options. One of the hottest new kitchen trends for 2023 is to have more freestanding furniture. Freestanding units are not fitted to the wall or floor of your kitchen; therefore, the amount of customisation and rearrangement is practically unlimited. Your freestanding furniture can be made from a wide variety of materials to match the rest of your kitchen or to juxtapose the existing style to add something completely new. For example, you could use a farmhouse table or vintage desk as a centre island or perhaps you want a glass cabinet to display your shiny glassware. Customisation is very much one of the big trends for kitchen ideas in 2023, and the ability to have a unique kitchen will make all your friends jealous.


3. Intelligent storage

We all know the difficulty of finding the right place for the right thing – too many plates and bowels scattered on the worktops instead of the cupboards, utensils cluttering the cutlery drawer when they could be hung up or your breakfast items like your coffee machine not having its own dedicated space. Well, one of the biggest kitchen trends for 2023 is to add additional intelligent storage. This is perfect for those who desperately need more space and there are a plethora of storage ideas you can own. One way to get your kitchen looking free of clutter every time you walk in is to place upper cabinets all on one side of the kitchen, which allows other areas to be free, creating a more open kitchen, as well as letting more natural light in from windows and skylights. Hidden pantries and breakfast stations are also an amazing alternative to traditional cupboards and cabinets that are trending for 2023, helping to store your entire morning’s start in one place.


4. Splashbacks

Splashbacks help to protect your walls from stains and splashes. Installing splashbacks is another way to add your own personal touch to your kitchen with a wide selection of patterns and designs that are trendy for 2023. While splashbacks are nothing new, the new kitchen trend for 2023 is to have a feature splashback. A feature splashback can complement your existing design scheme such as having a different shade to contrast with your worksurface or can be a complimenting pattern made from a solid surface. A feature splashback can add both elegance and functionality to your kitchen, creating a bespoke statement full of personality for your kitchen.


5. Black is back!

Does black ever go out of fashion? Some will say yes – others no – but black is back for 2023 and your kitchen can corporate a black colour scheme to add depth and a striking, eye-catching look. However, we stress that although adding black to your kitchen is a great kitchen idea for 2023, it’s important to not overdo it. Some of the trendy options include adding various shades of black to different areas of your kitchen allowing other features of the kitchen to really shine and stand out, such as the taps and cupboard handles. Additionally, combine your black colour scheme with softer colours such as golds and whites to really make your kitchen feel liveable. Over time, natural black surfaces will possess an authentic aged aesthetic, that looks rather beautiful.


6. Seamless sinks

Kitchen sinks can come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. Your kitchen sink doesn’t have to be a typical stainless steel, silver-coloured drab appliance that can take all the life out of your brand-new colour scheme. We know that one of the best kitchen trends for 2023 regarding your kitchen sink is to have it seamlessly integrated into your countertop. This is when your sink and countertop are made from the same material to create a contemporary visual and offer a minimalist aesthetic that makes your kitchen feel more open overall. This clean look is in for 2023 and really showcases your kitchen as modern and sleek.


7. Incorporated smart technology

It can feel as if technology is taking over our homes with smart televisions, different coloured lighting and devices that can answer questions and remind us of our appointments. You’ll either love or loathe these types of technology but the kitchen is now becoming a smart hub for homeowners, which is rapidly becoming a trend in 2023. Many of these pieces of technology don’t have to be high-tech or, indeed, that expensive. For example, fitting LED lighting under display shelves on the underside of your island can help accentuate these features, as well as provide practical lighting to darker areas. New technologies are being integrated into fridges to help you keep track of what ingredients you have on hand, and there’s no need for a traditional oven these days with the trend for air fryers that is hitting Britain in 2023. Quite a few of these pieces of innovative technology can be a force for good and can help more people get stuck into helping out with cooking creative meals.


2023 kitchen trends with Solid Surfacing Company

There you have it – the top kitchen trends and ideas for 2023 that will set you apart from the masses, leaving everyone who walks into your kitchen filled with envy that they didn’t think of these ideas first.

You can at Solid Surfacing Company to discuss installing many of these trends into your kitchen from kitchen worktops, bespoke sinks, elegant and unique splashbacks and innovative shelving to help with your storage. We also supply a wide range of to help upgrade your kitchen to look and feel exactly the way you want. The world is your oyster when working with Solid Surfacing Company.




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