5 Commercial Settings Where Worktops Play a Crucial Role

Worktops are unsung heroes in commercial environments, blending functionality, durability, and aesthetics to create spaces that are not just practical but also welcoming.

Here at Solid Surfacing Company, we have worked with many clients in the commercial sector, providing stunning surfaces that look great and are sure to provide a great impression.

Whether it's the hustle and bustle of a commercial kitchen or the focused quiet of an office space, the right worktop material, layout and design can make all the difference, and with the help of Solid Surfacing Company, we can ensure the perfect fit for your business requirements.

In this blog, we’re going to look into five commercial settings in which we regularly work and in which we continue to see great results. These are all places in which the right worktop is vital, and where installing a bespoke surface such as Corian, Hi-Macs or Solid grade laminate can be transformative.

Let’s take a look.

Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Worktops

In the heart of every restaurant is its kitchen, a place where the bulk of  work takes place.

Here, worktops face the ultimate test of endurance; subjected to heat, spills, and constant chopping.

Laminate worktops are a popular choice in these environments due to their affordability and wide range of designs. They can mimic the look of more expensive materials without breaking the bank, making them ideal for establishments wanting to create a specific aesthetic on a budget.

However, for areas requiring more robust solutions, compact-grade laminate worktops come into play.

This material is remarkably durable, heat-resistant, and 100% waterproof, unlike the latter laminate worktops. This makes it perfect for the harsh conditions of commercial kitchens.

Its non-porous surface also means it's hygienic and easy to clean, a vital feature in food preparation areas.

However, as suitable as the first two options here are, they are still limited by the board or sheet size, meaning certain applications may require a few visible joins. Joins in a worktop can be an area where bacteria and grime can build up, and there’s also the concern that over time, joins can become weaker areas. This is where a solid surface (a.k.a Corian or Hi-Macs) comes into its own. Solid surface is an umbrella term for many different brands, and is a man made material of acrylic and mineral composition. It creates seamless joins, is moldable meaning sinks and coved upstands are a couple of the many benefits, and they are also completely waterproof and stain resistant. This makes a solid surface the number one choice for food prep areas.

But of course, worktops are not just needed where the cooking is taking place, but also where the customers are, in areas like entrances and bars.

For these areas, aesthetics is everything, so always opt for something that is on brand, and sure to appeal to anyone entering your establishment.

Retail Worktops

Retail spaces demand worktops that not only perform well but also look good.

After all, the aesthetic of a store can greatly influence customer perceptions and brand image.

Wood worktops shine in these settings, offering warmth and natural beauty that can make any space feel inviting.

Wood's versatility allows it to fit into a variety of decor styles, from rustic to modern, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Solid surface worktops also find their place in retail, especially in high-traffic areas like checkout counters. You will often find that your local coffee shop or retail tillpoint will be made from solid surface.

Their durability and ease of maintenance make them practical, which is essential in this setting. You have many customers all touching and placing things on the counter, so having something that is easy to wipe and clean with antibacterial qualities is key.

With a solid surface, you also get a vast selection of finishes that can complement any store design.

However, if your budget is a little tighter than some of the chain stores around the country, look no further than laminate worktops. This so many brands and thicknesses available today, it’s cost-effectiveness, durability and range of finishes means retailers can achieve a high-end look without the high-end price tag.

Healthcare Facility Worktops

Healthcare facilities prioritise hygiene and cleanliness, making the choice of worktop materials critical.

Compact-grade laminate, with its non-porous surface, is a cost-effective solution in these environments. It resists bacteria growth, stains, and chemical spills, ensuring that examination rooms, laboratories, and pharmacies maintain the highest standards of cleanliness.

Moreover, its impact resistance ensures it can withstand the rigorous use often seen in healthcare settings. We can work with you and your team to provide something that is always functional, adding storage and lockable cupboards if needed that can also be made of Compact grade laminate (see photo above)

In elements such as nurse and doctor stations, dental practices, labs, pharmacies and treatment rooms, solid surface worktops have the entire healthcare industry’s specification. Samsung Staron worktops (a brand of solid surface worktops) can be manufactured to be seamless, incorporate moulded sinks and coved upstands, whilst being antibacterial and very low maintenance. Samsung Staron is a more cost-effective brand solution than the likes of Corian, which makes it a very popular choice.

Whilst not suitable for patient care areas, wood worktops can be used effectively in administrative spaces or waiting areas within healthcare facilities. Their natural aesthetic can contribute to a calming environment, helping reduce patient anxiety.

However, it's crucial that wooden worktops are properly sealed and maintained to prevent any hygiene issues.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions encompass a broad range of needs, from durable desks in classrooms to resilient surfaces in science labs.

Laminate worktops are a staple in these settings, offering a cost-effective solution that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use by students.

Their ease of cleaning and maintenance is especially valued in environments where spills and stains are commonplace.

For areas requiring more durability, such as science laboratories, solid grade laminate provides an excellent solution.

Its resistance to chemicals, impacts, and heat makes it ideal for experiments and practical lessons. It’s sleek appearance at just 12mm thick means it provides a modern and practical aesthetic to school furniture to include laboratory tops, school desk table tops, teacher’s desks, shelving, toilet cubicles and vanity units/tops.

In fact, you will find solid grade laminate in countless locations around schools! The material is anti-vandal, and this makes it the superior solution for school staff and contractors the world over.

Furthermore, its hygienic properties ensure that cleanup after classes is straightforward and effective.

Worktops in educational settings go through a lot, with plenty of scratches and stains, so having something easy to maintain and simple to keep clean is a must. Coming directly to a specialist in Solid grade laminate manufacturer such as Solid surfacing Company ensures you’re getting expert service and quality, aswell as good value for money.

Office Spaces

Modern office design emphasises not just functionality but also the creation of pleasant, motivating environments.

Here, the choice of worktop material can significantly affect the look and feel of the workspace.

Wood worktops bring warmth and elegance to office settings, creating inviting communal spaces and impressive reception areas. Speaking of reception areas, the counter always requires something special, as this is often the first impression any visitor will receive.

Aim for something easy to maintain so you can always showcase a professional image, but also something that is on brand and appealing to the eye.

The natural character of wood can also enhance the aesthetic of a workspace, promoting a sense of well-being among employees.

Laminate offers a versatile and practical choice for office workstations and meeting rooms. Its wide range of finishes allows for customisation to fit any office decor, while its durability ensures it can handle the demands of daily office life. Additionally, laminate's affordability makes it an attractive option for offices looking to maximise their budgets without compromising on style.

High Quality Worktops with Solid Surfacing Company

From the hygienic and robust surfaces required in healthcare and education to the stylish and inviting countertops desired in retail and office spaces, choosing the right worktop material is key to creating spaces that are not only practical but also welcoming and visually appealing.

As we look towards the future of commercial design, the importance of selecting the right worktop materials cannot be overstated.

By prioritising both form and function, businesses can create spaces that not only meet practical requirements but also contribute to a positive and productive environment for employees and customers alike.

Our team has years of experience in designing bespoke worktops that are always made to measure and built to last. We offer a wide range of styles and finishes, so it can always look and feel just right for your location.

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