Vanity Units


Vanity units & Surfaces

We have a great deal of experience when it comes to vanity units, if you need to hide pipes, protect plumbing, accommodate multiple users, include storage and maintenance access and have it in a style that compliments your washroom or bathroom aesthetic, we can provide. All of our vanity units are made to order and to your specification, they are available in the same materials as we use in our kitchen worksurfaces.

We can offer fully enclosed systems with maintenance access and or storage space, as well as more slim line wall mounted systems with decorative plumbing if storage isn’t required.

For the sinks we offer or can accommodate a multitude of configurations, whether they be undermount moulded bowls in solid surface or ceramic top mounted bowls on solid wood or laminate, or you can forego sinks all together and have a wash trough in solid surface.

For taps there are number of options available, we have vanity unit and trough designs that can accommodate surface mounted taps and wall mounted taps.

Ceramic top mounted bowls

Wash Troughs

Wash troughs are large, multi-user sinks commonly used in commercial environments, such as schools, clubs, offices and public washrooms. They offer an alternative to vanity units and traditional wash basins and deliver a fantastic, modern look to any washroom environment, our trough designs try to eliminate the need for a dedicated waste per tap, instead having water flow to one waste pipe across the whole trough. Contact us to find out more.

Wash troughs

Bathrooms & Ensuites

The aforementioned products and services are also suitable for projects in Bathrooms and Ensuites, whether they be for hotel bathrooms & ensuites, dorms or apartments and other residential bathroom projects.