Kabina Fundamental

Kabina Fundamental

Kabina Fundamental Range

Kabina Fundamentals is made from Compact Density Fibreboard  (CDF) Its a great looking cubicle for areas where medium use durability is required such as office and school toilets.

Kabina Fundamentals is identical in appearance as our Kabina Solid Range but is very competitively priced.

CDF is more than 350kilos m3 (30%) lighter in weight verses compact grade laminate, as such the consumption of fossil fuels for transportation as well as the impact on the environment is significantly reduced.

Being 30% lighter in weight also highlights that less phenol resin is used in the production of CDF again benefitting the environment and the panels are 100% recyclable at the end of their life span as they can be processed back into fibres to make new panels.

Kitchen worktop in Durasein

Kabina Fundamental Specifications