Solid Surface Worktops


What is Solid Surfacing?

Solid surfacing is our specialty,  it is a type of kitchen worktop material that is easy to shape, non-porous, hygienic, easy to clean, easy to care for, hard-wearing, long-lasting, repairable and available in a staggering array of colours. Solid Surface could also be considered a great synthetic alternative to Granite or Quartz.

It is suitable for kitchen counter tops, bathrooms, servery counters, reception counters, shower trays, wall cladding, signage, vanity tops, laboratories, light boxes and many other applications.

Solid surfacing materials are generally made of a polymer based resin, natural minerals and pigments, it is partly made using recycled materials so a better choice if you are after a greener solution.

See below the many options of solid surface on offer to suit you and your project.