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Features and Benefits include:

  • Market leader
  • Excellent colour range
  • First class samples and literature
  • Stock almost always available on large projects
  • Half, quarter & third sheets available
  • Huge range of sinks, and bowls
  • Available in 4mm, 6mm, 12mm & 19mm thickness

Why designers use Corian®

Corian® - the original solid surface material by DuPont™ – is the inspired choice of designers all over the world for interiors. It is used in all kinds of environments, from restaurants to retail and healthcare to hotels.

Corian® is made of natural minerals and high-performance acrylic polymers – a combination that gives it a number of advantages. It has the smoothness and substance associated with stone, combined with the workability of fine wood, and because it is non-porous, it is also highly durable and easy to maintain.

The versatility of Corian® is the key to its success. It can be cut, routed, sandblasted, inlaid, moulded or thermoformed to create virtually any conceivable shape. Using CNC technology, it can be carved or engraved to an exact pattern, allowing a designer’s most creative visions to be realised. It is available in over 100 colours, including whites, pastels, veined and textured colours and solid bright hues. And it is compatible – both aesthetically and practically – with a variety of other materials such as wood, glass and stainless steel.

Manufactured in sheet form, Corian® is joined together with a special adhesive, giving a smooth, seamless appearance, and creating the impression that an entire area has been made from a single piece, however complex the design.

Corian Downloads:

Corian® Colours
Corian® Care & Maintenance
Sinks & Bowls
Fontana Sinks
Fontana Basins
  Corian® in Healthcare

Corian® in Hotels

Corian® Designs Book


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Showroom in Kidderminster

Solid Surfacing Projects Completed

Throughout the UK