Corian: The answer to germ-free living

The most discussed topic in the entire world right now is of no dispute. We have suddenly found ourselves amidst a pandemic, a frantic time of uncertainty that has made us all question things that we have taken for granted for our entire lives. From how much stock will the supermarket have, and what is the best time to go out for a walk to avoid people, to how many germs are on the door handles and should I be wearing a mask and gloves? These are paranoid times indeed. We have all started using terms and phrases that we never thought would play such a large part in our every-day speech. Everywhere we turn right now, there is talk of staying safe and staying home. ‘Anti-bacterial’ is the new black, and new terms like ‘self-isolate’ and ‘social-distancing’ are being used like they’re going out of fashion. Fighting the spread of germs is something that now, more than ever, is at the forefront of our minds during the fight against COVID-19.

Instead of focusing on the negative daily worries in these odd times, a suggestion would be to take on a glass-half-full mentality, in the form of solutions – a better environment, a cleaner community, and of course, a cleaner and better home. Instead of the negatives, let us thrive on the positives and find new and creative solutions to make our home spaces attractive, practical, and, most importantly, cleaner than ever.

For a large majority of us, time for re-thinking our home environment has been a luxury we did not have, until now. Jobs have been put off because are all so busy at work. This pandemic has given many of us time back- to do all of the things that we have been struggling to get round to doing for months or even yearsRe-vamping our kitchens and bathrooms can now become a tangible project, and we can gain a lot of pleasure from the planning.  

In the home, the most common breeding grounds for germs are our kitchens and bathrooms. These places are used by all members of our family numerous times every day. This can make keeping these areas clean a near-impossible task, even for the tidiest of us. Wneed to look for solutions that are low maintenance, with long-lasting quality that are also suitable for all-day, everyday use. We need products that we can rely on, where we will get value for money, and that will really stand the test of time. 

Enter Corian: Sleek, stylish and smooth to the touchSeamless, beautiful, non-porous and mouldable; Extremely easy to clean, and versatile. Whether your lifestyle is economical or ultimate luxury; from futuristic interiors to rustic chic; minimalist to maximalist; Corian has an answer to everything and a place in every home. 

If you have done any research into kitchen worktops, the chances are you are already familiar with this household giant. Corian is already a dominant material in the healthcare industry due to the anti-bacterial properties it possesses, but if you are not familiar with it yet, it is definitely worth considering for peace of mind in a paranoid worldIn the home, Corian is most commonly found in the kitchen and bathroom due to it’s hard, non-porous and easy-clean nature but it also commonly has a place as window sills and table tops, and more dramatically as bannisters, wall cladding and even staircases.  

If you are not familiar with Corian- imagine a kitchen surface which is seamless and integrated in every way possible- the surfaces flow through corners all within the same piece, without any nasty areas where joins can collect dirt and food debris. The upstands and splash backs can curve up in the same mouldable piece, again avoiding a build up of dirt in all those hard-to manage nooks and crannies in your kitchen. They are now a thing of the past.  

With Corian, Kitchen sink options are now vast. From your familiar and conventional sit-on sink, to under-mounted sinks with draining grooves built into the worktop, and moulded sinks for the optimum in anti-bacterial solutions. You can even conceal your sink if you wish, with a bespoke lid, so that you may extend your valuable worktop space, whilst covering the entire sink area and all its potential germs. 

In the bathroom, imagine your bath or shower tray curving up and giving way to seamless tile-like wall cladding, with no hard-to clean corners, no dirt or mould to clean off the tile grout. No unsightly, lifting silicone lines, and built-in shelving that is as easy to clean as a straight piece of worktop. The possibilities are endless. 

Of course, not all these options are necessary for you, and not all designs and homes require many of the advanced features that Corian has to offer. But if the idea of seamlessness, a sustainable kitchen and bathroom design, and something that can last you a lifetime appeals to you then Corian has a place in your home.  

Imagine a kitchen or bathroom which does not allow dirt or mould to build up. Surely this is the answer to our future home designs after the COVID-19 epidemic is finally over? 

I know what you are thinking- how can we even consider this whilst we’re still in lockdown? But the way forward right now is to work together to find new ways of achieving our goals whilst staying safe. Now is the time to make plans for the future as Britain returns to work. Now is the time to source what you need, having spent weeks in lockdown contemplating the limitations you may currently face in your home environment– particularly as many of us will be opting to work more from home. 

Companies have spent this time in lockdown finding new ways of working safely to supply, deliver and fit, whilst ensuring we all stay safe in the process.  

It’s time for a new way of living.